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The scans, reconstructions and QuickTime movies present on this page are available for unlimited downloading for academic/research purposes. Please cite O.W. Henson 2000. Currently all scans are available as TIFF file stacks which can be read by NIH Image running on a Macintosh Platform. See computer specifications for NIH for more specifics on the type of computer needed. The TIFF files have been compresed with Stuffit to speed download times. To download files click and hold mouse over download link. Choose the "Save File As" option. Under the format button choose source to save the compressed file to your hardrive. To downlaod files click on the link. If a message comes up saying that the file is in unknown format choose "save ".

Scion Image is the comparable image processing software for the PC platform. While TIFF files will work with Scion Image the compression format will not. Please contact O.W. Henson if you are interested in a scan for the PC. Further information regarding the scans can be found in the Read Me file.

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Lagomorpha Oryctolagus cuniculus
Laboratory Rabbit
Description of Scan 15511

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