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The Vertebrate Ear and Temporal Bone

Magnetic Resonance Microscopy & Three-Dimensional Reconstruction
Guinea Pig Cochlea Mouse Temporal Bone

Welcome. This is the web site of an Auditory Research Laboratory in the Department of Cell Biology and Physiology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The laboratory is directed by Drs. O.W. Henson, Jr. and Miriam Henson and includes a number of technicians and students who have contributed to this project. We have a special interest in the structure of the vertebrate ear. One of the imaging techniques used is Magnetic Resonance Microscopy (MRM) which is a form of magnetic resonance imaging with fine resolution. It generates serial images like that of the guinea pig cochlea (above left). With MRM data sets one can create detailed three-dimensional reconstructions (above right) that can be rotated and viewed from every angle; specific structures can be varied in opacity and color and added or removed.

This website provides information about a variety of topics related to MRM imaging, reconstructions, and data analysis, and it provides links to data sets and reconstructions that can be downloaded and used for research and educational purposes.

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Introduction to MRM
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Head files and their significance
Restrictions on use of data sets

3D reconstruction techniques
Available reconstructions

bats carnivores dolphins primates rabbits rodents

Quantitative analysis

Selected references
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Project Support

NIH Grant NIDCD DC 00114

NIH Grant P41 RR05959

UNC Chancellor's Grant for Instructional Technology

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