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System Requirements

Med Image will work on Macintosh computers with at least 8 MB of RAM (20 MB recommended). It requires between 220 MB and 600 MB of free disk space depending on the data set you wish to use.

Download Instructions

There are three data sets that can be downloaded from the Visible Human site. Each download contains three folders and a viewer application. The folders are collections of images in the transverse, saggital and coronal planes. The Female - head to pelvis also contains a folder with CT slices. The data sets have been compressed, but they are large downloads. The Visible Human Female - head to pelvis is the largest. It can be downloaded as a complete set or the transverse, saggital and coronal, and CT slices can be downloaded separately. The saggital, coronal and transverse folders plus the viewer must be downloaded in order for it to be operational.

To operate the viewer double click on the Med Image Icon. Check below the set up button that the viewer is correctly set for the data set you which to view. If not click on set up and choose the correct data set.

Data Sets

Download Male Pelvis (160 MB) - 215 MB expanded

Download Female Head to pelvis - Full version (460MB) - 600 MB expanded

Download Female head to pelvis in parts

Download Female Legs (175 MB) - 230 MB expanded